MILLIONSY 2021 Recap — Our first sustainable steps

3 min readJan 2, 2022


MILLIONSY is the first Lottery platform and Game Launchpad on Solana. In the near future, crosschain is the main key that will be applied to MILLIONSY, It means you can buy tickets and join launching platform from any different blockchains. MILLIONSY ecosystem offers you many ways to “Buy, be cool and rich”. MILLIONSY has 3 main products: Lottery platform, MILLIGO and NFTs ticket.

A unique project was born…

In August 2021, a unique project was born on Solana, named MILLIONSY. This project offers you many ways to buy, be cool and rich. As a party king by nature, we immediately held the first Airdrop party.

The first pre-sale of MILLIONSY is live on 12th September. We got 1,000 registration only after 4 hours. Within 3 days, we had successfully reached our pre-sale limit with over 9000 registration. After only 36 days from the date the project started, we got the first milestone on Twitter with 10.000 followers.

On 26th October, MILLIONSY Lottery — the first Lottery platform on Solana officially launched and drew out for the first time. Winning numbers were 01–09–15–31–40–43.

… with many vibrant parties…

In November, we had many exciting activities and developed rapidly.

On 5th November, MILLIGO — The first Game Launchpad on Solana was launching. This is a cross-chain IGO launchpad for gaming, NFT, lottery projects and so much more. The best thing you could agree with us is that our platform does not require staking tokens to get a slot. This is another way to “Buy, be cool and rich” in MILLIONSY ecosystem.

On 15th November, MILLI was officially listed in RaydiumSwap. From now, everyone can can swap MILLI.

Oh 17th November, we got the first person to win Match 3

On 18th November, MILLI reached a new ATH 0.12$

On 26th November, a massive party hosted by MILLIONSY — **PUZZLE RUN #01 started. The winner is the person who solves the puzzle the fastest. Prize value is 5000$.

Also, on that day, we broke the new milestone on Twitter with 20.000 followers.

… and creation.

Last December was a festive for MILLIONSY and our followers.

We started December with PUZZLE RUN #02. With a bit of innovation in the game’s rules, the prize is divided into two groups of participants, including players who solve puzzles daily and players who solve one-time code.

On 9th December, we published the algorithm for the transparency of the MILLIONSY Lottery — VRF (Verifiable Random Function). With this algorithm, you can trust the transparency of MILLIONSY Lottery completely.

On 12th December, we hold the Airdrop Party for both Twitter followers and Telegram members. Because of the large number of participants, we decided to double the prize when distribution so that everyone gets a bigger reward.

On 20th December, a new milestone was marked. We got 30.000 followers on Twitter in less than 1 month. Our Telegram Channel and Group have also grown rapidly and officially reached 20.000 members.

On 24th December, PUZZLE RUN has X-Mas Version has started. This is the Christmas present that we want to give to members of the MILLIONSY community. On 31st December, we had 66 parties with over 1000 Lottery tickets sold and found 20 winners.

Only with over 5 months, we have achieved many proud achievements. But these are just the beginning, we will continue to bring more interesting things for you to buy, be cool and rich. Keep going!