PUZZLE RUN — PUZZLE, be cool and rich 🎉

The rules are just simple as follow

  1. There is a Solana wallet that already holds 5000 USDC for reward and it will increase over time.
  2. All you need to do is to find out the password to sign in to the✨PRIZE WALLET✨Right after you have the password, sign in any Solana wallet (Sollet, Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Solareum) to withdraw all the TOKEN to your own wallet as fast as you can.
  3. There are 2 ways to get the password for the✨PRIZE WALLET✨
  • One-time code: If you are a genius one, this way is for you. Right on the first day, we will provide a code for the whole password. Every 5 days, we will give you 1 more hint. You can access the✨PRIZE WALLET✨at any time you successfully solve it.

How to join?

Easy. You don’t need to do the KYC process or anything else. What you need is a Twitter account that already have followed MILLIONSY to update our PUZZLE daily posts. If you want to play in team or group, it’s cool. But always be careful and make sure that you are cooperating with people you trust.

Stay safe connected

Follow our official social media accounts to stay up to date. Beware of any clones webpages and channels which are not our official link below.


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One-time code


Here is the solution of onetime-code

1First of all, you must know there are at least 2 ways to access a Solana wallet. 1 is to use the seed phrase, which is the most common way. 2 is to use a private key, this is a less common way, some people know it. However, the private key comes in two forms, 1 is a string of 88 characters, and 2 is a string of 64 numbers limited from 1 to 255 (based on hexadecimal). We use the private key form number 2 for encryption.

Daily code



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