What’s new in MILLIONSY 2.1 update?

In general, we have a brand new website interface

Update MILLIONSY Lottery to version 2.1

  • This version literally brings all MILLERs a better user experience. Now you are able to buy Lottery by MILLI tokens instead of SOL like you did before. And that certainly will come with a massive PRIZE POOL soon.
  • Lottery drawing time is changed to 2AM UTC
  • PRIZE POOL will be reset to the starting point of 500,000 MILLI.
  • Lottery ticket price remains the same at $2 and it will be converted to MILLI.
  • From this update, NFT Ticket is included in all lottery drawing rounds.

MILLIONSY NFT Ticket officially released

Two more wallets are linked on MILLIONSY and usable for all users.

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