What’s new in MILLIONSY 2.1 update?

3 min readFeb 12, 2022


We’ve just released a new update of MILLIONSY, which includes several new features but still keeps the “Buy, be cool and rich” spirit. In the 2.1 updates, MILLIONSY’s products are improved and taken to a whole new level with a whole new interface. Especially, in this update, we’ve launched the Lottery version 2.1 and NFT Tickets. Furthermore, we give users more choices of the wallet they can connect to buy lottery.

In general, we have a brand new website interface

The new interface of MILLIONSY website is optimized to be more stunning and unique.

Update MILLIONSY Lottery to version 2.1

There are some innovations in Lottery version 2.1 including:

  • This version literally brings all MILLERs a better user experience. Now you are able to buy Lottery by MILLI tokens instead of SOL like you did before. And that certainly will come with a massive PRIZE POOL soon.
  • Lottery drawing time is changed to 2AM UTC
  • PRIZE POOL will be reset to the starting point of 500,000 MILLI.
  • Lottery ticket price remains the same at $2 and it will be converted to MILLI.
  • From this update, NFT Ticket is included in all lottery drawing rounds.

👉 Buy your Lottery ticket v2.1 here: https://www.millionsy.io/lottery

MILLIONSY NFT Ticket officially released

NFT Ticket is a lifetime drawing lottery ticket of MILLIONSY Lottery and also a priority ticket on other platforms of MILLIONSY ecosystem. These tickets are classified into 4 kinds which include: 3-match, 4-match, 5-match, and 6-match and are sold only in limited quantities and in batches.

The NFT concept is a perfect fit for the lottery industry. As MILLIONSY have gotten an early indication of this, we are transforming the lottery industry with our NFT products.

The old saying; ‘if you’re not in, you can’t win’, is certainly true, as your odds of getting a win are improved by entering more draws. MILLIONSY NFT Ticket will improve your chances of winning to the max level. Isn’t it sound interesting? Just hold your NFT ticket and you will get a chance to win the lottery every time your number matches the winning number. Owning NFT Tickets means you are holding the chance to win the lottery at any moment during your life. It also means that you can win again and again with only 1 NFT ticket.

👉 Let’s buy, be cool and rich with NFT Ticket: https://millionsy.io/nft-ticket

Two more wallets are linked on MILLIONSY and usable for all users.

With version 2.1, you can connect Coin98 Wallet and Slope Wallet to buy lottery tickets on MILLIONSY page.

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