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3 min readDec 21, 2021


PUZZLE RUN II officially starts on December 3rd with a total prize value of up to $3000. Participants must solve the PUZZLE and break the code to unlock the PRIZE WALLETS. Only the fastest will get the reward!


  • Start Date: December 3rd, 2021
  • End Date: December 19th, 2021
  • Total prize: 3000$
  • Total Reach: 142.470
  • Total Engagements: 17.293
  • Total Discussion: 11.685
  • Estimated Total Participants: 1080

PUZZLE RUN II Milestones

  • 3rd December: Publish the first daily puzzle and One-time code with Clue 1. The run begins!
  • 8th December: Publish Clue 2 of One-time Code
  • 13th December: Publish Clue 3 of One-time Code
  • 14th December: Someone solved the One-time code and withdrew almost 700$ in PRIZE WALLET 2 after 11 days. PRIZE WALLET 1 was still holding about 2300$.
  • 19th December: The last 5 PUZZLEs is published
  • After 13 minutes: Someone broke all 24+1 Daily PUZZLE and got all rewards in PRIZE WALLET 1.

Highlights of PUZZLE RUN II

In comparison to PUZZLE RUN I, PUZZLE RUN II offers the following additional highlight, such as:

  • There are two separate PRIZE WALLETS and each wallet has its own way of puzzles.
  • The value of each PRIZE WALLET is different from time to time.
  • The longer it takes to solve the One-time code, the fewer rewards you will receive.

How to play Puzzle Run II?

There are 2 Solana PRIZE WALLETS that already hold 3000 USDC for rewards (1500 USDC per one).

  • Prize Wallet 1: 6eTmsNg7jurtKYTfER1efHZ1yLzmmNMAVyFAgcMdJrEx
  • Prize Wallet 2: iAuS9zkF9NSH6Zz3LPR5shvvi5c8qwE3cAopQH6wpAM

We offer 2 ways to get the password corresponding to each wallet.

  • Daily code (Wallet 1)

If you are a normal hunter, just follow the Official MILLIONSY’s Twitter Channel and get the answer on our daily PUZZLE to find a 24-word seed phrase. Just be noted that the order of PUZZLE DOES NOT match the order of the words on the seed phrase.

There is a PUZZLE a day from day 1 to day 19. On day 20, we will release 5 PUZZLE continuously. Also, we will reveal the sorting order of the set of the previous 19 words.

Puzzle of day 11th
  • One-time code (Wallet 2)

If you are a cooler one, this way is for you. Right on the first day, we will publish a code for the whole password. Every 5 days, we will give you 1 more hint. Then, you can access the PRIZE WALLET anytime when you successfully get it solved.

All you need to do is to find out the password to sign in to one of the PRIZE WALLETS and withdraw all the TOKEN to your own wallet as fast as you can.

Every day, after 11 AM UTC, if the One-time Code hasn’t been solved, we will transfer a 10% token from Wallet 2 to Wallet 1. This will happen every day until someone breaks the One-time code before the 20th day.

On the 20th day (also the last day), if after 6 hours since we published all the related information on the Daily Code but we still have no winner, all the money from Wallet 1 will be transferred to Wallet 2. At the same time, everyone has only 1 chance to get the prize, which is breaking the One-time code.

We finally found the 2 winners of two PRIZE WALLETS. Thank you for participating in PUZZLE RUN II. Hope it has brought you many interesting things. See you in the next PUZZLE RUN!

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