Recap Puzzle Run II — Run Puzzle as F as you can🏃🏃‍♀️💨


  • Start Date: December 3rd, 2021
  • End Date: December 19th, 2021
  • Total prize: 3000$
  • Total Reach: 142.470
  • Total Engagements: 17.293
  • Total Discussion: 11.685
  • Estimated Total Participants: 1080

PUZZLE RUN II Milestones

  • 3rd December: Publish the first daily puzzle and One-time code with Clue 1. The run begins!
  • 8th December: Publish Clue 2 of One-time Code
  • 13th December: Publish Clue 3 of One-time Code
  • 14th December: Someone solved the One-time code and withdrew almost 700$ in PRIZE WALLET 2 after 11 days. PRIZE WALLET 1 was still holding about 2300$.
  • 19th December: The last 5 PUZZLEs is published
  • After 13 minutes: Someone broke all 24+1 Daily PUZZLE and got all rewards in PRIZE WALLET 1.

Highlights of PUZZLE RUN II

  • There are two separate PRIZE WALLETS and each wallet has its own way of puzzles.
  • The value of each PRIZE WALLET is different from time to time.
  • The longer it takes to solve the One-time code, the fewer rewards you will receive.

How to play Puzzle Run II?

  • Prize Wallet 1: 6eTmsNg7jurtKYTfER1efHZ1yLzmmNMAVyFAgcMdJrEx
  • Prize Wallet 2: iAuS9zkF9NSH6Zz3LPR5shvvi5c8qwE3cAopQH6wpAM
  • Daily code (Wallet 1)
Puzzle of day 11th
  • One-time code (Wallet 2)

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