MILLIONSY — The Next Generation Lottery — The Presale is going to be live in any minute

Dear MILLIONSY Community,

This is the moment you all have waited for. Thanks to everyone for being so patient.

MILLIONSY, the first cross-chain lottery, is slowly starting its way to bring their vision and of course the biggest pool prize to its members and the people who have their interest in the lottery world.

Taking the traditional Mega Millions Lottery in America to the Blockchain platform, MILLIONSY is ambitious to create the biggest pool prize in history. Implementing blockchain technology, MILLIONSY would bring a new level of availability and transparency into the lottery market. Whether it’s a ticket sale, a jackpot win, or investment,.. all of the records are stored on the blockchain. Therefore, manipulate or compromise the lottery number is impossible! Possessing the random mechanism provided by Chanlink and a trustworthy system with significant algorithm, MILLIONSY ensure users confidentiality to the highest. Their community has just reached more than 7000 members within 3 days and the members have already been anticipated a bright future of MILLIONSY.

$2 is everything you have to pay to get a chance in this enormous deal. That is even cheaper than the Ethereum transfer fee and it can only get better now because MILLIONSY NOW OPENS ITS FIRST PRESALE. The presale welcomes you to possess a great opportunity to be a part of the whole new generation of Lottery.

The Detail

Start at 11AM UTC 12th September 2021
End at exactly 11AM UTC 15th September 2021

All you have to do is register to this whitelist link:

Presale Price: 0.015$
Soft cap = 125,000 USDT
Hard cap = 250,000 USDT (approximately 2–5%)

Maximum whitelist tickets: 500

Minimum contribution: 250 UDST (Solana chain)
Maximum contribution: 500 USDT (Solana chain)
Step bid: 50x USDT


Is there a cap on the amount of people who can whitelist?

We will cap our Whitelist applications at 500.

Am I going to get a whitelist slot?

To have more chances, please apply as soon as possible. We will randomly choose 500 slots in the registration list.

If I am not whitelisted, is there any other chance for me to buy $MILLI before listing?

Follow our official Twitter to stay updated, there’s still a public sale round awaiting.

When could I get whitelist results?

It’s 3 hours after the presale.

If I win a whitelist slot, how do I purchase $MILLI?

Successful applicants for the whitelist will be notified by email shortly. Then you will have 1 full day (24hrs) to purchase. If you do not complete the process after 24 hours, you will lose your chance so other participants will be added to the whitelist and will be able to purchase.

What if I win a whitelist slot, but I do not want to contribute?

No problem. Other participants will be added to the whitelist and will be able to purchase.

When would I get my token?

Before listing a day.

For more details, please join our official Telegram channel: There is always an admin to answer any question you might have.

Stay safe connected

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