NFT Ticket — The first defi NFT on blockchain

1. What is NFT Ticket?

2. How to use NFT Ticket

2.1. Use as a lifetime drawing lottery

  • 3-match NFT Ticket: Match 3
  • 4-match NFT Ticket: Match 3 & Match 4
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: Match 4, Match 4 & Match 5
  • 6-match NFT Ticket: Match 3, Match 4, Match 5 & Match 6 (Jackpot)

2.2. Discover more new cool projects on MILLIGO

  • Getting extra slots on MILLIGO
  • 3-match NFT Ticket: Add 1 slot
  • 4-match NFT Ticket: Add 4 slot
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: Add 10 slot
  • 6-match NFT Ticket: Add 50 slot
  • Join luxury pools on MILLIGO

2.3. Use as a priority ticket

  • Special Airdrop Party for NFT Ticket owners
  • Be the first user of MILLIONSY’s new products

3. Price of the first sale

  • 3-match NFT Ticket: $50
  • 4-match NFT Ticket: $200
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: $500

4. Transfer NFT Ticket

5. FAQ

  • How can I purchase an NFT Ticket?
  • What can my NFT Ticket be use for?
  • Can I choose my number on NFT Tickets?
  • Will I have a better chance to win the lottery with NFT tickets?
  • Do I need to check the lottery results daily to know if I won?
  • Am I limited in the number of NFT Tickets purchased?
  • If I have a Match 4 NFT Ticket, could I win Match 3 Prize when the numbers matched?
  • If I win a prize, how much is it?
  • After I buy an NFT Ticket, when is the first Lottery round that I could participate in?
  • When I use my NFT Ticket to apply for IGO whitelist on MILLIGO, will it be counted in The MILLIONSY Lottery round of that day?
  • Why should I not send my NFT Ticket to others using my wallet?
  • Am I allowed to sell my NFT Ticket at any price I want?
  • If I just hold still my NFT Ticket, would I lose its benefits?
  • Do I have to do anything for renewing my NFT Ticket?

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