NFT Ticket — The first defi NFT on blockchain

1. What is NFT Ticket?

2. How to use NFT Ticket

2.1. Use as a lifetime drawing lottery

In all Lottery rounds, an NFT Ticket will be valid as a lottery ticket. Depending on the type of NFT Ticket you are owning, you will be able to win its highest prize every time your numbers match the winning numbers:

  • 4-match NFT Ticket: Match 3 & Match 4
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: Match 4, Match 4 & Match 5
  • 6-match NFT Ticket: Match 3, Match 4, Match 5 & Match 6 (Jackpot)

2.2. Discover more new cool projects on MILLIGO

NFT Ticket is not only a lottery ticket but also a powerful ticket in the MILLIONSY ecosystem with many special benefits:

  • 4-match NFT Ticket: Add 4 slot
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: Add 10 slot
  • 6-match NFT Ticket: Add 50 slot

2.3. Use as a priority ticket

  • Special Airdrop Party for NFT Ticket owners

3. Price of the first sale

  • 3-match NFT Ticket: $50
  • 4-match NFT Ticket: $200
  • 5-match NFT Ticket: $500

4. Transfer NFT Ticket

Please use the NFT transfer feature on our website to send your NFT Ticket to others. If you do it this way, the new owner of the NFT Ticket can literally receive the ticket and instantly take all the benefits from it.

5. FAQ

  • How can I purchase an NFT Ticket?

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